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General classification of the vehicles

1. Vehicles with Motor 

  • Automobile 
  • Special vehicles

2. Vehicles not considered Motor vehicles
3. Vehicles without Motor


Special Vehicle

The QUADRICYLE in Europe

Category B Driving License

1. 2-wheeled and 3-wheeled mopeds, light quadricycles.

2. Automobiles up to 3500kg and 9 seats including the driver: Passenger cars, mixed vehicles, tricycles, quadricycles, lorries/trucks and motorhomes.

3. Special vehicles: Agricultural (any weight) and construction or services: If traveling 40km/h or less (any weight and up to 9 seats) If traveling more than 40km/h (up to 3500kg and 9 seats)

4. Vehicles with trailer: If the trailer is light (750kg or less), it may always be towed. Example: Truck 3500kg + trailer 750kg or less If the trailer is heavy (more than 750kg), that the MMA of the set does not exceed 4250kg

5. Motorcycles only up to 125cc if you have had Category B Driving License for more than 3 years. Only in national territory.

6. Taxi.

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